Privacy policy


DPM Research is committed to maintaining the security and privacy of the information we collect from the public. We have developed this privacy policy based on the industry standard principles set forth by the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association (MRIA) and in compliance with Canada’s Privacy Act, the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and other applicable laws.

PIPEDA defines “Personal Information” as identifiable information about an individual such as, for example, name, personal contact information and information required for processing payment transactions, although it does not include the name, business title, business address or telephone number of employees of organizations. 

Our privacy policy applies to all personal information collected in carrying out research, evaluation or any other project forming part of DPM Research’s business, as well as the personal information of those who request material from our company, such as studies or reports. 

Any information provided to us in the context of a project will be kept to the minimum required for project management. DPM Research will not, under any circumstances, share, sell, trade, or otherwise transfer any individual information collected to any third party, without the expressed permission of the individuals concerned. Any demographic information provided by project participants is only presented to clients in aggregated form. In particular, we will never use email addresses provided to us in the context of a project to send unsolicited commercial materials.

Access to information collected in the context of our projects is restricted to DPM Research employees who require that information to carry out their employment duties. Our workforce is trained to respect the rules of data integrity and confidentiality. To protect your privacy against fraud, we will act on instructions regarding your personal information when we are satisfied that the request is being made directly by you or by a third party who has the authority to act on your behalf. 

For more information on Canada’s privacy rights and laws, please visit Enquiries concerning our privacy policy may be addressed to us by email at or by mail at:

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