March 5th, 2020

Introducing TIRSA: A Tool for Institutional Research Self-Assessment

DPM Research is excited to announce that we have launched TIRSA: A Tool for Institutional Research. As a tool for institutional research (IR) directors and professionals, TIRSA is essential in not only assessing the ongoing activities in your IR office, but in evaluating the development of the core competencies necessary in producing high quality work. 

TIRSA was developed using a knowledge management framework, merging four core areas of IR activity into one assessment:

  • Competencies required to carry out IR activities;
  • Resources that support these activities;
  • Organizational sectors of work; and
  • Functions that use IR data.

Your TIRSA results will show you how your office is performing in a range of key IR competencies, from designing reports to benchmarking, and communicating information.

How can your office move from completing activities in an ad hoc manner to standardizing these processes?

How can you better develop and eventually optimize your approaches?

With TIRSA, your IR team can learn how to establish actionable pathways to advance your current activities and identify concrete priorities for improvement.

Visit for more information and to register.