October 27th, 2019

CIRPA 2019: The Circus of IR

It’s been a busy and inspiring few days at CIRPA’s 2019 conference “The Circus of IR” in Montreal, Quebec. DPM partners, Victoria E. Díaz, Pierre Mercier, and Celine Pinsent attended the conference and had the chance to connect with institutional research (IR) colleagues across Canada. Victoria and Pierre wish to thank CIRPA for the opportunity to present TIRSA: A Tool for Institutional Research Self-Assessment. We were encouraged by the enthusiastic interest and engaging questions from conference delegates and look forward to connecting in the near future.

It was especially rewarding to be able to share TIRSA as a tool to help IR offices address some of the challenges discussed throughout the conference. We spoke about the importance of identifying areas of improvement in our work and TIRSA allows participants to do just that. TIRSA assesses the work an IR office performs, how they go about this work, how resources are spent, and evaluates where the IR team stands in the development of these dimensions, providing a clear plan for actionable improvement. As a standardized tool, it facilitates repeated assessments that can help measure an office’s growth and the breadth and depth of the assessment questions accommodates institutions’ diverse missions, sizes, and nationalities. We look forward to working with colleagues in IR across the country in the coming months and are grateful for the platform CIRPA provides for sharing new and emerging ideas, perspectives, and challenges.