Methods & Tools

At DPM, we are our methods. For us, one of the most exciting stages of a project is to figure out how best to answer clients’ questions. Once we clearly understand the questions, it is all about the methods. A difference working with DPM Research is that we don’t have pre-packaged methods leading to pre-determined solutions – instead, we work to find the optimal combination of methods that will bring clients closer to a menu of viable solutions for their organizations.


our guiding principles



Identifying key questions and scoping the project

Depending on the stage of project planning and considering the area of service, DPM works closely with the client to help identify the key questions of interest and establish priorities. We can set up a diagnostic or brainstorming session to jointly develop a clear action plan for the project of interest.


Find the team that fits the project

Unlike larger, formula-driven firms, DPM research makes a concerted effort to fully understand the project objectives before starting, and then assembles a team that makes sense given these needs. We make our team fit the project, rather than change the project to fit our team.


Customize approaches

Once we have a clear understanding of the project objectives, we also work on finding the optimal combination of methods that will bring clients closer to viable solutions for their organization


Maintain a strategic balance

We strive for balance. For each project we find a strategic balance between a project’s resources, timelines, and risks, and the client’s questions that need to be answered. We develop and implement methodologies and approaches that provide the best answers given the various challenges involved.


Transfer knowledge to the client organization

One difference in working with DPM Research is that we make an effort to transfer what we know to our clients. DPM partners and senior-level associates are expected to not only lend their expertise to the project and produce quality deliverables, but also to transfer their most relevant knowledge to the client organization when appropriate and feasible. We integrate knowledge transfer at various stages of the project through team work, meetings, internal workshops, and working papers.

Maintein a strategic balance


Broad expertise to get the best answers

In order to figure out optimal combinations of methods, we have expertise with a wide variety of methods and tools. While we are always learning new methods and tools to add to our repertoire, the DPM team currently has expertise in the following methods:


Quantitative methods and tools

  • Surveys (online, phone, mixed methods)
  • Administrative data analyses
  • Descriptive and inferential statistics
  • Psychometric analyses (validity, reliability measures)
  • Factor analyses, structural equation modeling
  • Econometric analyses


Qualitative methods and tools

  • Interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Delphi panels
  • Literature and document reviews
  • Environmental scans
  • Case studies


Specialized and tailored methods

  • Benchmarking and comparative analyses
  • Cost-benefit, cost effectiveness, value for money analyses
  • Economic impact analyses
  • Financial performance analyses
  • Forecast and demand modeling
  • Counterfactual analysis