Given the diversity of our partners’ experience, DPM Research has a relatively broad clientele. This is a description of the types of organizations with which DPM  team members have recently worked and the specific content areas within which we have experience.

Types of organizations

Government: DPM team members work with multiple levels of government, both in Canada and internationally. We have significant experience contributing to the evaluations of federal and provincial programs, many of which include extensive partnerships with municipal governments. In addition, team members have worked with governments to develop policies and implementation plans. 

Higher education: Our team members work extensively with higher education organizations, including universities, colleges, technical institutes, and associations. Our understanding of the particular needs and challenges of these organizations is rooted on our many years of work experience in these environments undertaking various project within a variety of roles and responsibilities.

Not-for-profit groups: DPM team members consult with not-for-profit groups for many projects including community groups, service agencies, research groups, professional associations and cultural groups. Often these groups are key stakeholders and partners for the various programs and initiatives that are the subject of evaluations, performance measurement and research.

Private sector: We work with private sector clients to provide them with organizational analysis and planning services, performance measurement, and proposal/business case preparation. We also collaborate with other consulting firms and independent contractors as needed by the project.